Working Papers are pre-publication versions of research papers. Their value lies in the fact that they often include additional material that is removed as part of the revision and editing process leading up to acceptance for publication. For example, they may include more detailed proofs, or more extensive tables, than the final published version of the paper. As such, they provide a valuable record.

My recent Working Papers include:

David E. Giles, 2024. "New Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Kumaraswamy Distribution". Published in Stats, 2024 (download).

David E. Giles, 2024. "The Performance of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator for the Bell Distribution for Count Data". Published in Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 2024 (download).

David E. Giles, 2021. “Improved Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Weibull Distribution Under Length-Biased Sampling” (Revised, pdf). Published in Journal of Quantitative Economics, 2021
(Supplementary Material).

David E. Giles, 2021. "Unbiased Estimation of the Standard Deviation for Non-Normal Populations” (pdf). Published in WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, 2022 (download).

David E. Giles, 2021. “On the Estimation of the Topp-Leone Distribution” (pdf).

David E. Giles, 2020. “Some Consequences of Including Impulse-Indicator Dummy Variables in Econometric Models” (pdf). Published in Journal of Quantitative Economics, 2022.

You can download my earlier Working Papers from the UVic Department of Economics site, here.

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