Professional Career

After over 40 years in academia I'm now retired, as Professor Emeritus, from the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. My professional career began in the Economic Department at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, developing large-scale macroeconometric models for forecasting and policy-making purposes. My academic career as a Professor in the field of Econometrics was spent at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, N.Z.), and finally at the University of Victoria, Canada (1994-2017).


  • You can learn more about my qualifications, experience, research, and publications in my c.v., here.
  • My published research in econometrics, statistics, and economics has over 7,600 citations, and my Google Scholar h-index is 44.
  • In the mathematics/statistics community I have an Erdös number of 4.
  • I was named a Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Association of Economists in 2014.
  • I received an "Excellence in Teaching Award" from the University of Victoria in 2003-04.
  • You can find some (but not all) of the books that I have written, and edited, on Amazon.
  • My former blog (2011 - 2019), Econometrics Beat, has received over 9.7 million "hits".

Current Activities

My wife, Carol, and I now live on Lucerne Lake in L'Amable, in rural Eastern Ontario. When I'm not raking leaves, shoveling snow, playing the drums, or creating crosswords, I manage to maintain a bit of a research program. As well as undertaking consulting assignments from time to time, I am still actively involved as Co-Editor of the Journal of International Trade & Economic Development.

(Last updated: 18 July 2024)